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Cahri & Pinot's fresh collection of FREE places to chat & play scrabble on-line, gather Free Graphics & otherwise have fun online.  
  More Good Scrabble® Links

checkanieGroup for Scrabble/NetWordz Players
Download FREE NetWordz 2.13 and/or the Hasbro Em@il scrabbble game client that allows you to respond and play Scrabble via Email with others who have the Hasbro Em@il CD-Rom. Then find and communicate with other Scrabble enthusiasts here for online or Email games, Schedule online Scrabble/NetWordz games, share your photos and favorite scrabble links, send and receive emails, have private group chats or have free internet telephone conversations. Check it out!


The Scrabble® Board
Lady Jobamo's effort to bring about communication between scrabble lovers on the internet. You can't play scrabble here but she has provided an Email registry, info on how to play by Email, a chat java involved, and the basics of Scrabble® including the official Scrabble® rules and even a form for replacing missing tiles of your Scrabble® game!

Mike's Scrabble® Page
Mike has set up his ICQ players registry to help Scrabble® CD-ROM players connect to other online players using ICQ. There is also a very good "How To" with screen shots for the Hasbro Scrabble® CD-ROM!

The SOWPODS Scrabble® Page
Word Lists, Tournament schedules, and unofficial Ratings. There are two International Scrabble word sources, OSW and OSPD. (OSW stands for Official Scrabble Words , the official UK word list. OSPD stands for Official Scrabble Players Dictionary , the official word list in the US.) SOWPODS is a combination of both and is used in World Scrabble Championships and is the official word list in many countries including Australia and New Zealand.

CyberWolf's Scrabble Den
A new site majoring on Scrabble Word Lists. Quick reference to the major & minor Bingo stems, 2 and 3 letter words and their hooks, vowel dumps, U-less Q words and even vowel-less words etc. Useful site! Check it out!

Steven Alexander's Scrabble® FAQ
Must be the largest repository of Scrabble® information and resources on the net. Unfortunately, there are lots of outdated links, take your chances! :-)

Charles Goldstein's Ultimate Guide
Exhaustive list of links to Scrabble® in English ... even in Israel and Thailand. Non-English Scrabble® Websites coming soon. Again, many outdated links.

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