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  How To Play the Scrabble® CD-Rom over the Internet

redbutton How to Find your Internet IP Address: (For Win95 and AOL95) After you have connected to your ISP, click on select start at the bottom left of your computer screen. Select "Run".
select run
Type winipcfg in the box. type winipcfg in the box and select OK
Selecting "OK" runs the program and brings up a small IP configuration window with a drop-down list box. Select "PPP Adapter" if not already selected.
This is your IP address for this session
The number listed in the IP Address box is your machine's current Internet Provider Address (IP number). This will be different every time you connect to the internet. Write it down and close the window.

redbutton Load your "Hasbro Scrabble CD Rom": Go to "File" then "Intermission" and/or use Alt+Tab for windows95 and return to the Chat Page or ICQ, where you are in touch with your opponent. Host player needs to tell remote player his/her IP address. Remote player should write down Host's IP address.

redbutton Host player: Now Alt+Tab back to the scrabble game and start game by opening "File" then "Start New Game". [Screenshot] Host would select "Human" then select "Here" and put their name/nick. For "second player" put "Human" and "Internet"; select "None" for 3rd & 4th player. [Screenshot]

redbutton Remote player: After Host player starts game, Remote player would open "File" then "Join game". [Screenshot] Select "Internet" (not modem) and put your name/nick in place of "Remote" and then put Host's IP address (example ) in indicated spot. Select "OK" and your game will start. [Screenshot] It should take about 30-40 seconds to get connected. Depending on your connection quality you may need to wait several minutes for new players who have never connected before. It will say "looking for host or remote", and when connected will say, "getting data from player 1 or 2".

redbutton Configuration Settings: You are using "Internet" not "modem" or "network". The only thing you may want to change is "speed" like 14K or 28K to match your modem speed. Leave the "port" numbers as is.

redbutton Talk to your opponent: (Alt + C) brings up "chat" on the Scrabble board. You may want to chat at least once each play to make sure you are still connected. If you want to come back to this chat page or ICQ to chat, Select "File" then "Intermission" and Alt+Tab back to your browser. When you Alt+Tab back to the game, you will need to select "Options" then "un-pause".

redbutton Time Limits: You may want to determine a time limit between plays before your first play. Between 2 and 5 minutes depending on level of play is common.

redbutton Communication Error: On occassion during the game you may see "Communication Error"; this is due to network lag and normally goes away quickly. (This may also happen when an opponent Alt+Tabs out of game to use a word generator tool they have running simultaneously..*wink*) If this happens up to 20 times and no connection, the game ends. An internet game cannot be saved. So if you get disconnected from your opponent, you will have to start a new game.

redbutton End of Game: At the end of the game, if both players are stuck with letters; you both must pass 3 times in a row to end the game before the winner screen comes up.

Hope this helps. Happy Scrabbling! Happy Scrabbling!

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