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Cahri & Pinot's fresh collection of FREE places to chat & play scrabble on-line, gather Free Graphics & otherwise have fun online.  
  Play NetWordz 2.13 On-line

checkaniBob's Scrabble Page
An EXCELLENT resource page where you can find everything you will need to play NetWordz 2.13 on-line and includes strategy tips & word lists and links to other scrabble sites. Want to replace the outdated dictionary that Maven uses? Go to Bob's Hasbro page!

checkaniScrabbleON Headquarters
A VERY friendly & helpful group of folks dedicated to helping newbies play NetWordz 2.13 on-line. It doesn't get much easier to find an opponent than here in their JAVA chat room! Recommended!

checkanieGroup for Scrabble/NetWordz Players
Download FREE NetWordz 2.13 and/or the Hasbro Em@il scrabbble game client that allows you to respond and play Scrabble via Email with others who have the Hasbro Em@il CD-Rom. Then find and communicate with other Scrabble enthusiasts here for online or Email games, Schedule online Scrabble/NetWordz games, share your photos and favorite scrabble links, send and receive emails, have private group chats or have free internet telephone conversations. Check it out!


#Scrabble Friendly Tournament Web Site
Everything you need to play NetWordz 2.13 can be accessed from this site! The "Simplest Instructions Ever" explain how to download, install and use mIRC and NetWordz. Be sure to check the Info and Rules pages to find out how to join, and how the League works. It's all FREE!

#Scrabble on Austnet IRC Network
You can download NetWordz 2.13 here and they have a clear concise Help page. Log onto the Austnet IRC network and join the #scrabble channel to find folks to play against and chat with.

Have Fun!!   Happy Scrabbling!
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