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All-Yours Digital Postcard - This is a major, well-done E-mail greeting service. Many images are available and you can customize your digital postcard's color, backgrounds and music. You can even link to any picture and/or sound on the Web. You can even add a sound selection from your own computer. The Digital Postcard allows Webmasters to add its service to their own Web site---a sure way to pull in more visitors!

123Greetings - This site lets you send a personalized greeting card. More than 100 occasions & 500 different cards online. You can send pizzas, kisses, hugs, smiles & flowers. And if you run a Web site, this site allows you to easily create your own greeting card site for free---something that can help boost visitors!

AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe - A huge variety of Ecards with a 'Send Cards At A Later Date' option and always new additions.

checkani MessageMates - This service offers cool, free digital animations that you can personalize and send as E-mail attachments. Themes are added every week.

checkani Postcards from the Web - Animated electronic greetings delivered FREE in no time flat! Categories include; Birthdays, Weddings, Love & Romance, Office Humor, Special Occasions, Just Because. Cute!

Cardnet Central - A Mega List of Electronic Post Cards indexed by subject, function, and special occasion. It is also possible to browse by the listings alphabetically or search the listings by whatever words you choose!

The following list was "borrowed" from The Free Site ;

Virtual Chocolate - Send your fellow chocolate lovers a virtual treat at this quality free digital postcard service. Just select a delectable chocolate image and type in your personal message. These "treats" are mouthwatering (and calorie-free!) - This hot, new free digital postcard site offers the "Dancing Baby" card as well as cutting-edge, "multimedia story" cards (they're in the "Specialty Cards" category). These cards greet the recipient with a music-enhanced story, with a message and nice animation. These cards are sent as E-mail attachments and require Windows 95 or 3.1. also offers standard digital postcards which can be sent instantly from the site.

HastaLaVista Postcards - This free service offers nice-looking animated digital postcards. Categories include "Games," "Congratulations," "Animals," "Love," and "Art." A German version of this site is also available.

Virtual Business Postcards - This unique service offers free digital business-related postcards. Just select your design (and, if you'd like, an accompanying MIDI file); view the preview and send it. Your recipient will receive E-mail advising her or him where to pick up the card.

Flying Saucers Virtual Greetings - If you're tired of the "same old, same old" virtual postcards, give this site a whirl. There's "The Virtual Magic Eight Ball", "The Virtual Alien Abduction", "The Virtual Spanking" and more offbeat topics here, submitted for your approval.

Send a Teddie Greetings - If you like Teddie Bears, this is the place to go to send a free digital card. Beside Teddie Bear themes, there's other categories, including "Fun & Friendship," "Celebration & Thanks" and holiday-themed cards.

S. Marquez Amazing Art Cards - Sebastian Marquez serves up some colorful, quality original paintings that you may send as digital postcards from this site. - This advertiser-supported free service features musical digital postcards in many categories. Images include fine art (everyone from Manet to Pollock) and photography. Categories include birthday, friendship, get well, inspiration, insults, love, miss you and thank you. There's also over 100 songs from which you may choose for background music for your card.

" 2 mom luv me" digital cards - This eye-catching site offers over 50 original free digital greeting cards, many of which are animated. Categories include: "I love you, " "Thanks," "Get well," "Congratulations," "Birthday," "Miss you," and more, as well as offbeat topics like "Kranky Cards" and "Kooky Cards."

Postcards from Prison - This decidedly offbeat free digital greeting card service offers various memorable images from the annals of crime and justice. From Clint Eastwood in "Escape from Alcatraz" to James Cagney in "Angels with Dirty Faces," to real-life prison photos, you'll find it here.

Earth Day digital postcards - Get ready for Earth Day with a selection of free digital postcards, featuring three nature scenes.

Activegrams - This clever, innovative site offers free animated entertainment and greetings, delivered by E-mail. Activegrams range from occasion-based messages to comic strip serials to absurdist animations with sounds effects, etc. They can be delivered in several ways: as an E-mail attachment; as HTML mail; or they can be placed on a custom page whose URL is E-mailed to the recipient.

E-Cards - This is one of the better digital greeting card services around. The number of image categories is vast and includes: "Current holidays and special events," "Animals," "Indigenous Peoples" and "Art." You can also send V-Cards (Internet Camera Postcards) here. V-Cards are connected to Internet cameras, which intermittently take new snapshots. A V-Card of "sunny Antarctica" may change to "Antarctica at night" by the time the recipient picks up the card. This site is supported by advertising and every card you send from this site results in a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.

3D Greetings - This isn't just another digital postcard site. Rather, it allows you to custom build cool animated cards that you can send to anyone with a Java-enabled (read: non-ancient) browser. The intuitive interface makes it easy for you to add text, images, sounds and animations to your card. Cool!

LoveGram - This site offers over 400 designs. Topics include: flowers, emotions, exotic, "Your Pic," nostalgia, fun and more. Just select the thumbnail image you want and fill in your personalized message in the form. You can also add a poem to your card, as well as music.

Cyrano Server - Are you too shy to tell someone you love how you feel? Then click over to this innovative site, which will write your love letter for you, based on your input. Note: site requires the Shockwave plugin for your browser.

Virtual Insults - Are you pissed off at someone and want to tell them how you really feel? Send them a "virtual insult," something that's best described as an "anti-greeting card." Here, you can select a nice, witty (or not so witty) insult and customize it with sound effects (such as the sound of a toilet flushing), your own message, etc.

Send someone an "E-Kiss" - This free service offers the "E-Kiss," a form of online postcard. The sender picks what kind of kiss they like, adds a message, and sends it (via E-mail) to someone. The receiver gets an E-mail which tells them that someone has sent them a kiss, where to go to view it, and gives them a unique "Kisscode" that allows them to retrieve the correct kiss.

CoolCards - You can use this freeware program to create and send multimedia notes: "thank you" notes, flames, invitations, birthdays, etc. Your recipient gets the digital card as a tiny attachment to an E-mail message. There's no need to go to a pickup site on the Web, no special viewer required (just a browser or a JPEG viewer).

Shawna's Virtual Flowers - Here, you can send a flower-themed digital postcard for that special person in your life. Many images here and you can customize your "arrangements." Categories include: anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations, get well, "I'm sorry," new baby, sympathy, "Just for Men," and exotic flowers. You can include a MIDI sound file with your greeting.

Cgreetings: Animated Greeting Cards - Send an animated greeting card. Categories include "Friendship," "Love," "Birthday," "Congratulations," "Hello," "Thank you," "Wedding," "Anniversary," and "Get Well."

ArtNet Italia - A dazzing arts site in its own right, now offers classy digital postcards that feature photos, painting and sculptures. You may preview your card before sending it. Languages supported include English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Hindi.

Cine Chennai Cards - This service offers free images from Bollywood (India's version of Hollywood).

Animated Virtual Hugs & Kisses - Send a hug or kiss to your sweetheart over the Web.

Titanic Postcards - This clever site allows you to send "Marconigrams," which have a period look & feel and look like actual correspondence from the doomed ocean liner.

Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards - An extensive site that lets you send musical, animated greeting cards for every occasion. Topics include: friend, birthday, congratulations, love, kids, new baby, support, "Follow Dreams," sympathy, get well, family, wedding/anniversary, thanks, thinking of you, apology, graduation, vacation and welcome back. The site also features specialized topics, including Shakespear, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, endangered species, wolves, Chinese New Yera, Native Americans, Interactive Art, 3D and stereograms

I Luv - This site is offering "1-Step free personalized Internet Web cards." Easy to set up; just fill out the form.

Electronic Greetings - Need to cheer someone up? Have you forgotten to send someone a birthday card? Why not send them an Electronic Greeting card. Tell someone how much you love them(or hate them). So what if it's only an electronic's the thought that counts. Best of all, it's FREE!

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